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A lot goes on behind the scenes. We’d like to show you what we’re getting up to and what’s been inspiring us.

Spotlight on Lozi: the plywood mavericks of Hackney Road

Since we submitted the plans for a special development in Hackney, we’ve been getting to know some of our new neighbours. Nestled on a promenade of retailers, next to the chocolate-brownie-dispensing Window Café, sits Lozi’s furniture workshop and showroom. They may be a concise team of four, but Lozi is expanding quickly and gaining traction in national and international press. And it’s easy to see why. Lozi’s eco-conscious creations balance design with function, managing to be playful yet sleek and simple.

Here we talk about finding inspiration, how to furnish your house with the environment in mind and what could be in store for Lozi in the future.


Cutting a new path

Lozi was founded in 2012 by Soroush Pourhashemi. He’d been working as a maker and production manager for a different London-based plywood specialist for several years and the time had come to start his own. Using digital manufacturing methods alongside traditional woodworking techniques, Lozi are able to create modern, quality pieces of furniture that won’t break the bank. They really care about the planet and strive to use sustainable materials efficiently so that their waste is kept to a minimum. And the sawdust-sprinkled cherry on top is that each piece of furniture is made to order and fully customisable to suit your home.


Lozi’s workshop motto: ‘Tidiness and cleanliness are the keys to efficiency’.


Products for living

Soroush is often working on prototypes for new designs and we wondered where he finds his consistent stream of inspiration from. Lozi’s press and marketing guru, Leila, told us:

“Soroush spends a lot of time thinking very carefully about how people live and how they interact with their daily spaces. The furniture that surrounds us shapes how we live our lives, from how we sit to work at a computer to what food we can cook and how we sleep. A lot of the products he creates have been made to solve a problem he has encountered in everyday life.”

This is clear to see in Lozi’s answer to compact urban living. Although the city is so vast, London life often means that living in a small bedroom with limited, unsightly storage is on the cards. The Lozi bed frame solves these problems with its abundance of hidden storage and a space-saving frame that curves perfectly to the shape of the mattress. You can glide around your bed with ease, avoiding those painful shin-smacking moments completely.


The Lozi bed frame has curved edges and built-in storage


Eco-aware design

Right from the get-go when buying wood from well-managed forests in Scandinavia, Lozi strive to minimise their impact on the environment. Using digital production methods, they’re able to plan with precision and make each sheet of wood go a long way. Only 2-12% of their materials are wasted which is a vast improvement over mass-producing manufacturers. They’ve even created a range of quirky, useful household items such as coasters and rulers using the left-overs they produce: the £9.99 collection.

We wanted to know if Lozi had any tips for furnishing a home with the planet in mind…

1. Find pieces that are timeless

“Think about where you’ll be living in 15 or 20 years; will that piece still be useful and relevant to your lifestyle then? Will you still love it or are you buying it because you’ve seen it beautifully styled on Instagram?”

2. Don’t fall for new, budget furniture

“If you’re looking to buy cheap, then buy second hand rather than new products that may very well have been made from trees from illegally felled rainforests.”

3. Look for a long-term relationship

“At Lozi we offer a variety of bespoke and personalisation options as we find that builds a longer lasting relationship between our pieces and their owners. After all, a beautiful piece of furniture may be in someone’s life for decades, so having an emotional connection to it is essential.”


The £9.99 collection features items such as a mini plant pot, a ruler that doubles as a compass and a board game


Creative collaboration and the future

Lozi love to work with creators who share their ethos. In the past they’ve worked with Smile Plastics who press recycled materials such as plastic and coffee into incredible decorative panels. Lozi have also collaborated with Eve Sleep who are on a mission to make great sleep accessible to all with their affordable, smart mattresses. And Lozi aren’t stopping there, they’ve got a secret project up their sleeves that they’re not allowed to say too much about. But keep your eyes peeled in the direction of East London. As for ideas they can tell us, Lozi could be looking back at what they’ve really enjoyed so far: “We created a kid’s desk and chair based around the same design principles as our curved stool and curved bench. We would love to develop a full kid’s range in the future!” We can certainly see that flying off their perfectly-formed shelves.


Lozi’s Sea Table


Make sure to take a look at Lozi’s website by clicking here. And if you’re ever in Hackney, pop into the workshop where you can see their craftsmanship for yourself and go wild in the shop. We might just see you in there.

Find Lozi Designs @ 278 Hackney Road, London, E2 7SJ


All photos used are courtesy of Lozi Designs.