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A lot goes on behind the scenes. We’d like to show you what we’re getting up to and what’s been inspiring us.

Jonathan Mott

Jonathan Mott

Commercial Director

After joining us from one of London’s finest contractors, Jonni now oversees the construction costings for all our developments. He has over a decade’s experience delivering projects, from remodelling a 36,000 square foot office building into a high-end luxury home in St James’s Park, to nine luxury villas in St James, Barbados. Jonni is passionate about the quality of design upheld in our developments as well as the commercial side of his role.

He has also worked on numerous projects across other sectors, after completing an HNC in Construction from Thames Valley University in 2004.


What’s your secret superpower?

My inbuilt calculator.

How would you describe HCD in three words?

Driven, talented and ambitious.

What’s surprised you the most about working at HCD?

The diversity of my role, every day is different and we all work together to overcome any challenges.

If you were stuck on a desert island, who from the office would you want to be stuck with and why?

Ben. His carpentry skills will come in handy when we need to build a tree house.