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A lot goes on behind the scenes. We’d like to show you what we’re getting up to and what’s been inspiring us.

Spotlight on Petersen: in pursuit of imperfection

From Danish clay pits, via the hands of artisans, to the textured streets of Shoreditch; the story of the Petersen brick is that of the dedicated pursuit of hand-hewn perfection. In all its imperfection.

The human touch marks a tradition that has travelled through the generations. Nestled in Denmark’s Nybol Nor cove, Petersen has remained a family brickworks rooted in excellence, where every brick is celebrated for its individual character, honed to perfectly connect together.



The Hudson creation team cast eyes on the process in person, resulting in a personalised blend of not one shade of brick, but three. A vibrant mix of D91, D96 and D99 that interact to build a visual ode to the stimulating urban fabric of Shoreditch. The extraction, the crafting, the firing, and then the final journey to London. The new Hudson facade showcases the culmination of centuries of uncompromising dedication to what can be created with pure blue clay in the hands of the skilled. All handmade, no two bricks are the same.