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A lot goes on behind the scenes. We’d like to show you what we’re getting up to and what’s been inspiring us.

What’s in store for 115 Curtain Road?

With the apartments just a few final touches away from completion, we thought we’d reveal the plan for downstairs at 115.

The commercial space spans across two floors. One at street level and one subterranean level with double-height ceilings. And with our options open as to who could fill them, we happened to stumble across Creative Debuts.


So, what do they do?

It can be incredibly tough starting out in the creative industry. Which is why Creative Debuts have stepped in to create a platform that celebrates emerging artists and designers. They’ve built a community that not only shares advice and support, but arranges exhibitions and workshops.

“Our mission is to celebrate the incredible, undiscovered artists that go under the radar. And to make art more accessible by bridging the gap between the creative and commercial worlds.” Calum Hall, Creative Debuts Co Founder.

For now, they’ll be curating 115 with an amazing line up of events. Exhibitions, lino print workshops, terrarium making, zine launches and even yoga. For more information on what’s coming up click here.


But… where’s the coffee?

We thought you’d never ask. On the ground floor, we’re also very excited to be housing Perky Blenders‘ latest coffee bar.

These London-based brew-makers pride themselves on the exceptional quality of their hand-picked beans. Epically ethical and truly delicious. If you’ve not yet tried a cup of their Forest Blend, you’re in for a treat.



As well as being a hive of creativity and caffeine, we’re thrilled to say that we’ve returned Banksy’s Snorting Copper to its home at 115. In 2005, Banksy sprayed the piece on the intersection between Curtain Road and Mills Court. It was then painted over by the council and seemingly-forgotten about.

After purchasing the site, our Chairman, David Kyte, and Managing Director, Jonathan Ellis, decided to explore the idea of returning the painting to its former self.

After a long process of removing the top layers of paint (by expert art handlers), we’ve now placed the Banksy in the ground floor of 115 exactly where it used to sit. A missing piece of Hackney’s past brought out of the shadows.



Come along on Friday 20th October for our official HCD x Creative Debuts x Perky Blenders launch party. 7-10pm.

And If you’d like to see what we did upstairs, click here to take a look at The Hudson.